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Abundance Bundle




Amazing Three (3) Package Offer

that will help you uplevel your abundance mindset and vibration!   






Delivered as downloadable MP3s along with Guide that includes transcripts and exercises to help you embody a deeper understanding following each part…In this 4 part series you will experience:

  • How to embrace the knowing within yourself that Money is plentiful and there is no lack

  • Understanding at the core of your being you can be both RICH and HAPPY

  • That your bank account is a reflection of your inner value and ways that both can be transformed instantaneously

  • Understanding what creates both money and life struggles and how to let go

  • Why you get overwhelmed about creating money and ways to stop it

  • Recognizing your level of commitment and ways to increase it so your abundance will increase 

This workshop is a don’t miss opportunity for you if you don’t fully own and recognize your gifts, value and worth. It’s also for you if you have learned how to create money, yet feel a lack of something in your life. It’s designed to heal your money wounds, find your Divine Money Path™ and bring to the peace, joy, happiness and abundance that is your birthright…

This Package Includes:

Item 1 - Audio #1  Connecting with your true passion, and identifying how we avoid things and the reasons why.

Item 2 - Audio #2 Examining change and your commitment to change.

Item 3 - Audio #3 The three types of Action, how they feel and what they mean to you.

Item 4 - Audio #4 The importance of imagination and how it can take you to where you want to go.

Item 5 - Downloadable workbook




Claim Your Divine Money Power
Delivered as 5 downloadable MP3s

Money is one of the biggest challenges people deal with.

If  you’re facing difficulties with attracting and/or holding onto money,  just getting by, or you let money control your decision making with what you want to be ,do, or are not alone.

You might be thinking “What’s wrong with me?”  

I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you!

You don’t have to deal with this for the rest of your life. It’s not your karma. We all have free will.  You can turn your relationship with money around and it can happen very quickly.  

It’s NOT Your Fault! You just need the right guidance.
You don’t know what you don’t know!

You need to make a decision...and that decision is that you want to change your situation. A decision that you’re ready NOW to claim your divine money power.  

Class 1: Letting Go of Lack
Lack is related to limiting beliefs which create scarcity thinking. You will learn how to uncover your beliefs, feelings and emotions that are keeping you stuck in scarcity and sabotaging your relationship with money. I’ll teach you how to release those negative beliefs that are preventing you from fully aligning with your abundance. 

Class 2: Overcoming Obstacles 
What’s standing in the way of your money power? It’s very difficult for you to see your own blind spots. I will guide you so that you’ll easily recognize your money obstacles and teach you how to overcome those obstacles so that you’ll be free of them for good. 

Class 3: Embracing Your Personal Money Power   
You will learn how to fully embrace your own personal money power. You’ve made up your own stories about your power. In fact, most likely you have an unconscious fear about your power. We all struggle with who we truly are because we’ve been influenced by our parents, society, teachers, friends, partners, etc. It’s time you live your life according to who you truly are, be okay with it and own your worth.  

Class 4: Aligning With Receiving 
When you’re out of alignment with receiving, you’ll be pushing money away. There are universal laws that govern all of us. Abundance is already yours and it’s waiting for you. In order to bring it into your experience, you must be vibrationally in alignment with it. I’ll be teaching you how to properly align so that you become an open vessel for receiving.  

Class 5: Embracing Change
I will be sharing with you how to become the person you need to be in order to make the money that you want and hold onto it. Your ego wants to keep you where you’re at (even if you’re miserable) and it will work very hard at keeping you stuck. In this class, you’ll learn how to tame your ego and embrace the new you.



Visioning Abundance
Booklet and Exercises


Every person who has achieved great success in their life had a clear vision and intention of what they wanted.  

Often we need help gaining clarity on exactly what that is! If you find yourself with a sense that things aren't going exactly the way you expected, the important thing is what you choose to do now...

Do you simply ignore the feeling and go about life as usual?

Do you begin to feel frustrated, depressed or dragged down?

Or, do you take it as a sign that now is the time to finally pursue and accomplish the things in your life that matter most? 

Dreams, goals, and your own innate potential are useless if you don't follow through on them and take action. Therefore, in order to achieve your vision for your life, you must follow four steps, and
they  are outlined in this booklet for you.  Start your path to creating your desires!

There you have it...
THREE abundance changing programs for one low price

 I don’t believe in coincidences. You were guided here... which means that you are ready to heal your challenges with money once and for all. I truly believe this. 

When you pray for help, it always comes in the form of opportunity. 

I’m offering you an opportunity to get to the “root” of why you repeatedly stress about money and release whatever is keeping you from accumulating wealth and living a life of financial freedom.   

But... I can't do it for you, nobody can.  You have to make the decision and now it's time to decide...


Are you ready?
Only $97 
for all three!!!



Special Offer

Limited Available

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